The green of the nature,
the blue of the sea,
the scenary of extraordinary sunsets,
are a reserve of emotions
whose take care over time
to whom choose to live a holiday of serenity
and full relax in our houses
of Cefalù and Finale of Pollina.
White House Pollina/Cefalù Primacroce in Cefalù
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Legal Informations ex art. 13 Law 96/2003

According to the Code on the privacy and the technical Discipline on minimal cares of surety ex Law 30/06/03, n. 96

Dear Sir/Madame,

We are proud to inform you that the Law n. 96 of 30 June 2003 (“Code for the protection of the privacy”) establish the protection of the persons concerning the privacy.

According to the cited law, that care will be provided with liceità and trasparency to protect your privacy and your rights.

 According to the article 13 of the Law n. 96/2003, please note the following informations:

1. Your personal details will be exclusively treated to offer the services provided by the website and to subscribe the newsletter.

2. The data treatment, other than the archive on papers and included, can be even executed with IT software sto receive them accordingly.

3. The data disclosure is compulsory to conclude the rent, to subscribe the newsletter and to create your account into the website.

The eventual deny to provide those data, partially or entirely, does not allow to conclude the contract.

Eventual other data, which are indicated as not compulsory, do not impede to conclude the contract.

4. The owner of the website and the data treater is: Mr. Vincenzo Lombardo, administrator of – Via Pintorno, 6 cap. 90015 Cefalù Tel. +39 0921 422033.


Law n. 96/2003,

Art. 7 – Right to access personal data and other rights

1. The client has the right to get the confirmation of the possess of his personal data and their communication in a clear way.

2. The client has the right to get:

a) the source of personal data;

b) the aim and way of treatment;

c) the reasoning in the treatment;

d) the identity of the owner of the website, of the data treater and of the legal representative, appointed according the article 5, comma 2;

e) the persons to whom such personal data can be communicated or be disclosed as to a legal representative, the treater or his employee;

3. The client has the right to get:

a) the updating, the correction or the integration of those data;

b) the block and the cancellation of the data which have been treated against the content of the law;

c) the confirm that the action under the letters a) and b) have been disclosed to those whom they had been communicated, except the case in which this event become impossible or it implies tools too expensive if compared to the protected right.

4. The client has the right to deny, totally or partially:

a) for liceit reasons, the treatment of personal data, even if they are coherent with the aim of the website;

b) the treatment of personal data if in order to receive marketing offers or to accomplish market research.