The green of the nature,
the blue of the sea,
the scenary of extraordinary sunsets,
are a reserve of emotions
whose take care over time
to whom choose to live a holiday of serenity
and full relax in our houses
of Cefalù and Finale of Pollina.
White House Pollina/Cefalù Primacroce in Cefalù
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Beaches of Cefalù


The coast of Tyrrhenian sea between Cefalù and Finale of Polline is rich of bays and beaches that satisfy the high expectations and the requirements of whom have preferred a holiday in Sicily.

This is a guide to give a description of these beaches. We ask you to send yours suggestions and comments.

Beach “White house” Rais Gerbi Polline

It is the underneath beach at the “White house” that only the owners of the villas and of the nearest residences, that are on the coast, can attend.

The ( great) or bright colour contrast of the green of the florid Mediterranean vegetation and of the blue of the sea, makes unique and exclusive the inlet. The beach is of pebbles and rocks, that enable to sunbath.

The lovers of the immersions and of the snorkelling with masks and mouthpieces cam admire the soundings of the fishing fauna of the Tyrrhenian sea.

Advice : rubber shoes

“Golden bay” boundering the Polline’s Valtur beach

It is the most well-known beach of the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea. A part of the entire beach is given in granting to the Valtur of Polline, the other is on a free entry basis. On the high season, in the beach, it is possible to rent deckchairs and umbrellas.

The beach has a public shower and little stones. The deepnesses are high but the sea is protected by the headland of Rais Gerbi. Moreover, during the day, many yachts stop here. Where is it located? It is distant 1 Km from the“White House” and 10 kms from Cefalù.

From the “White House”, you can reach the beach on foot or leaving the car in a free parking.

“Blue Coast ” Finale of Pollina

The beach of sand and little stones, the “ Blue Beach” is distant 1 km from the town of Finale of Polline in the direction of Messine. It is a free beach, frequented by the owners of the villas near to this sea.

The beach is protected by artificial rocks, that, when the sea is stormy, enables to have a swim and to anchor little boats and rubber boats. Near the beach, there is the parking.

“Outlet of the river of Polline”

It is a bay, known by few surfers who frequent it in the winter too, when the sea is stormy. It is near to the railway station of Polline and it is distant 1,5 km from Finale on the national road in the direction of Messine.

“Beach of Saint Mary”

The beach is between Cefalù and Finale of Polline, before the railway station of Castelbuono in the direction of Messina. It is an exclusive strep of the mountain.

It is of black stones and free but there are not bathing establishments, bar and parking. The persons leave the car on the road.

The beach of Saint Ambrose (a fraction of the Cefalù municipality)

It is frequented not only by residents of the fraction, but also by many tourists who don’t love the wonderful and crowded beach of Cefalù (queen of the sea).

It is between Cefalù and Finale of Polline, in the direction of Messine on the road 113. The beach of SaintAmbrose is a long strip of sand but only some part of it is provided with bathing establishments where then are bar, restaurants and a field of beach volley.

”The Caldura beach”

The beach derives its name from the district. It is behind Cefalù, the promontory of the “rock” in direction of Messine. We can arrive there by a little stairs where there are two hotels. The beach has sand and little stones. It is free. The water is limpid. By snorkelling, it is possible to arrive at the lovely beach of “the calette” that appears at the “bay of Presidiana” where is the Cefalù ‘s port. There is not a parking, the car can be left on the road, In the afternoon, at the sunset, the promontory of the Caldura help lovers.

The beach of Cefalù: the queen of the sea

It is the queen of the beaches, it is of finest sand: it is extended for about 2,7 km from the old landing place of the “old port”, the old seashore, until the Cape of Saint Lucy that encloses it and it opens as a small gulf. It is suitable for all ages.

Sometimes, thanks to low water, the deepnesses remain far for meters.

Free beaches alternate to private beaches, supplied by bathing establishments, bars, deckchairs, beach umbrellas.

The name of some establishments recall the divinities of the ancient Greece, ( Eolo, Poseidon). There are fields of beach volley and renting of scooter for the sea .

The beach has a good service of bay watches. All the deepnesses have bathing utilities.

The prices of admittance change. There are subscriptions on entrances everyday. The parking is paying and adjacent to the beach.

Some beach organizes concerts of live music. The sunset is one of the finest of Sicily.

The bay of “Mazzaforno”

It is a small bay that is much crowded by a large number of holiday-makers, hotels and camping that there are in the surroundings of Mazzaforno from whom it originates it name.

It is about 3 km from Cefalù in the direction of Palermo. To arrive to it, from the public street 113, drive until the crossroads for the highway A19 and then get the street to the right. In the beach, there is the sand . The contest and the settings are unequalled. Free beaches alternate to private beaches. The guests enjoy the cares of the bathing attendants of the hotels. Tho the small bay, you can arrive on foot by a way near to the Sporting Club. The are not parkings.

The beach “ Bay of the seven emirs”

In the bay of Mazzaforno but in the direction of Palermo, there is another small bay, called “seven emirs”, for the reason of the appearance, on the surface of the water, of seven rocks. The beach is not sandy entirely. It is possible to get to it by car along a street leading to the fencing of the “ Bordonaro’s Castle” of Cefalù.


Coming toward the direction of Palermo, there are small and irregular bays until the beach of Settefrati. The beach is not much frequented and some admittances are not free.

Salinelle Beach – Lascari

It is at seven kms from Cefalù, at its border with Lascari. The beach, of sand, is very nice. A part of it is free. There also are two equipped bath establishments, where it is possible to rent deck-chairs and beach umbrellas.

In the free part of the beach, there is a school of kitesurf. In the afternoon, where the wind blows, the sailings flash into the blue of the sea. To arrive to Salinelle: drive for 7 kms until the crossroad for Salinelle, in the direction Palermo, by the public street 113.

The port of Cefalù

In the port of Cefalù, built into the “bay of Presidiana”, there is a small, but charming sandy beach, that leads until the beach of the “Calette”.

It is possible to arrive by boat although the Cefalù ‘s port is still under work.

There also are some private establishments where it is possible to rent a place for the boat.

In the “T”-shaped bridge, there is a petrol station where people can refill oil.

In the summer, from the Cefalù ‘s port, the hydrofoils sails to the “Eolian Islands”

There is also a service of connection by motor-ship from Cefalù to the Eolian Islands.