The green of the nature,
the blue of the sea,
the scenary of extraordinary sunsets,
are a reserve of emotions
whose take care over time
to whom choose to live a holiday of serenity
and full relax in our houses
of Cefalù and Finale of Pollina.
White House Pollina/Cefalù Primacroce in Cefalù
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White House Pollina/Cefalù

“White House” is a villa, an holidays house, not a bed & breakfast, which stays on the Rais Gerbi’s rock, (Cape from the Arab Gerbi), of Finale of Polline at only 10 kms from Cefalù and next to the Valtur village, in one of the most beautiful place in Sicily.

The property ends over the sea. On foot, you can easily reach the beach by inner stairs to the property, through the garden.

The “White House” is the name given by local fishermen because they have considered it as a point of reference in the coast of the Tyrren Sea, between Cefalù and Finale of Polline.

The white of the house stands, indeed, between the green of the nature, the pines and the path of palms which runs to the sea.

The colours of the sea, of the earth, of the nature, make unique and enchantable this place for holidays with serendipity and relax.

The “White House” stays at less of one km from the little town of Finale of Polline.

Only two of the apartments of the villa are opened to the guests. The owners spend their holidays there.

They are bounded but independent, they are furnished with taste and simplicity, they have terrace, garden, solarium over the sea and private parking.

The below beach, made up of pebbles and rocks with beautiful deepnesses, is closed by a bay, surmounted by a dense vegetation which ends into the blue of the sky.

The lovers of the scuba diving find in the Polline’s deepnesses all that the hidden nature can offer to the human eyes. The coast, even at some meters from the “White House”, is surrounded by other beaches or bays which can satisfy other needs (sandy beaches, port, etc…).

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