The green of the nature,
the blue of the sea,
the scenary of extraordinary sunsets,
are a reserve of emotions
whose take care over time
to whom choose to live a holiday of serenity
and full relax in our houses
of Cefalù and Finale of Pollina.
White House Pollina/Cefalù Primacroce in Cefalù
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Faq and Conditions


At what time do I need to leave the apartment?
The apartment has to be abandoned before 10h30.
Eventually, if necessary, it is possible to agree on other times, with a fair increase of price.

At what time can I arrive the day of the rent?
The apartment is available from 12h, if not differently agreed with the owner.

How can I reserve the apartment?
To reserve the apartment, you need to agree the price with the owner for the time spent.
To confirm the reservation, in the next 5 days, it is useful to send a third of the price via current account. Should you like, you can anticipate the receipt by fax or scan it in your email.

Do I need to recognize a caution?
We may demand the auction in a few cases, if we retain that there can be a reasonable risk for the furniture or for the house. It can vary from 200,00 to 500,00 Euros. Such a caution will be given back to the renter at the end of the holiday.

What would it happen if I break something?
The renter is invited to call “Cefalucasevacanze” as soon as possible to refer the event. We will try to fix or to change all that have been damaged and we will agree on a reimbursement or to retain a part of the caution.

Are the apartments furnished?
The apartments are furnished with the necessary for an holiday.

What is there in the kitchen?
The kitchen is furnished with plates , glasses, pots and tools to serve 6 persons.

Are the renter’s guests admitted?
As a rule of thumb, other persons, other than the number of the renters which have been disclosed at the moment of the reservation, are not allowed to join the residence.
Only on a visit for few hours, the renter’s guests are admitted respectfully of the apartment and its dependencies.

After the reservation, a supplementary bed can be demanded?
If the apartment is enough wide, a supplementary bed can be demanded by providing the difference in money to “Cefalùcasevacanze”.

Are the animals welcomed?
The dogs are accepted if they are of small size, if used to live in a collectivity and under demand to the owner.

How much is the beach distant from the apartment?
The beach, at the “White House”, is at 70 meters from the apartment and is directly accessible from the solarium, in the garden.
The beach, at Primacroce, is at 9 kms. The nearest beach is the Cefalù’s beach.

When do I have to pay the rest of the rent?
The rest of the rent has to be paied at the arrival and at the delivery of the keys.

Are the linen and the towels included in the price of the rent?
The facility of linen and towels is provided separately, at the price of 10,00 Euro each person at each change (normally once per week).

Is the cleaning included in the price of the rent?
Non, the cleaning expenses are 30,00 Euro, at the end of the holidays and at each demand.

Are the expenses for electricity, water and gas included?
Yes, the expenses for electricity, water and gas are included for the period of your holidays.

Is the water from the robinet healthy?
Yes, the water of the robinet is healthy.


The only demand of information and availability is not binding for the parts.
The booking can be done by email, trough the website or by phone.
In the email of the booking, the client is invited to specify the period of the location, the number of the guests, if they are adults or kids and the needs for linen and towels.
La reservation is confirmed by a banking transaction, sending the account for the rent.

To confirm the rent, the client gives an account, equivalent of one third of the rent, by a banking transaction or by the postal office and he may show a copy of it by email: or by fax: +39 0921 422033.
The rest of the rent will be delivered at his arrival, when he will be provided of the keys.

Only those persons which have been disclosed at the moment of the reservation, are welcomed in the apartment. Eventual arrivals have to be agreed with “Cefalucasevacanze”.

Domestic animals, of small size, are welcomed under demand to Cefalùcasevacanze, at the moment of the reservation.

Changes in the reservation
The changes of the reservation, where possible, are provided if the apartment is still available and by adding the difference in the price.

Should the client want to cancel the reservation, he is invited to communicate it to Cefalucasevacanze.
In this case, (if the client cannot maintain the reservation), the owner retains the account.
If Cefalucasevacanze cannot guarantee the rent, for a major cause which is intervened over time, the guest will be informed tempestively and he will be regiven of his account or, if he consents, he will be proposed of an alternative without any other added cost. For a major cause, it has to be intended any event which not be foreseen or avoided.

Arrival and departure
The apartment is available, starting from the hours 12,00, of the day of the arrival and at the departure, it will be left at 10.30. At his arrival, the guest is invited to show an identity card, which is valid at the date.

Responsibility and good faith
The guest cares as a “pater familias” the rented residence and all its accessories, committing him to give them back in the same conditions as he found them. Therefore, he is responsible of eventual losses, broken things, dommages caused to the property and its accessories.
The apartment is delivered proper and in order.
The Cefalùcasevacanze is not responsible for physical and moral injuries, illnesses, death of the guests, losses or dommages of the patrimony of the guests, consequent to an use of the residence in an improper way, nor of the unwarded objects.